Customer Care

Delta Sensor has been providing the industry with components and measurement systems for instrumentation solutions since its formation, more than 16 years, actively collaborating with our customers to find efficient ways in process control and improvements in the quality of their products, returning the benefits of long term business relationships and great loyalty.

The Delta Sensor products, manufactured and marketed, are characterized by offer top market performances, with affordable prices and maximum reliability in operation during its lifetime. During this period, normal warranty conditions are in force, or even special warranty conditions can be studied and applied.

Delta Sensor has a sales team that will fully support with already purchased products, as well in the selection of products recently introduced on the market. The service team is available for interventions on the client, whether for inspection, maintenance, commissioning or calibration of Delta Sensor’s products and systems.

Today’s technological developments come up with a huge pace. Delta Sensor monitors these challenges by introducing new products and solutions based on new materials, technologies and design. This proves to be possible by investments in modern machinery to support production, quality product control and partnerships with other manufacturers that equally approach the environment, markets and industrial processes of the present.

To overcome these challenges, Delta Sensor Lda., has a team of professionals at your service. Regardless of application is the measurement of temperature, moisture, level, other instrumentation or systems, our commitment is to provide a service of excellence - in short be your partner "from the sensor to the solution”!